Yoga in Andalusia
Yoga under the Andalusian sun

Yoga in Andalucia

Breathing, Pranayama, is an important part of yoga practice. Breathing exercises in fresh air are far more effective than indoors. It is only logical why yoga feels so much better in open air. In Andalusia every yogi will find the right place. The diversity of the landscape and the proximity to Africa make Andalusia a magical place. With 300 sunny days a year, we enjoy the heat throughout the year. You’ll feel the difference.

Hatha Yoga in harmony with nature

As an independent traveler you can roll out your yoga mat wherever you like. Above all, the sunrise and sunset are indeed the most popular times for the yogis. The Costa del Sol calls for practicing yoga on the beach. If you like a stable ground, look for a surface near the sea, the pool or a terrace, which is important for the Hatha Yoga practice from my experience. I practice on my roof terrace and in the summer months on a stone platform on the beach of El Palo, where the fishermen usually are. During practice, you feel the wind and the sun on your skin, you hear the waves of the sea and relaxing in savasana you can feel the heat emanating from the ground.

A hatha yoga class usually begins with relaxation and breathing exercises, pranayama, to arrive where you are, on the terrace or on the beach. Then comes the Yoga Warm Up, called the Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskar. This is a sequence of yoga positions in motion to make the body strong and stretch at the same time. After the sun salutation follow the asanas, holding postures. All yoga positions are there to balance the body. So one muscle group is strengthened and another relaxed.

Yoga on the beach in Andalusia.
Yoga class on the beach in Malaga.

In hatha yoga we hold the positions for a long time to feel this effect. Now comes perhaps the most important part of the yoga class, the final relaxation. For this purpose, the students lay down on the mat and are guided through the relaxation of individual muscle groups by the teacher. This is followed by complete silence. Students will be gently awakened from the relaxation and the class ends in meditation position.

Kirtan tip

Mantra chanting is a fast growing movement worldwide, here in Malaga it is still a secret. Kirtan is another way to meet like-minded people and chant together. Whether voice or drums, you’re welcome to join at any time.

AcroYoga tip

Increasingly popular for Yoga is to meet in parks, especially for the Acroyogis. This fusion of Acrobatics and Yoga is relatively new in Malaga and has grown rapidly in recent years. The meetings are organized mainly through whatsapp groups but as well via facebook.

  • This is the Malaga group: AcroYoga Facebook Group Here you immediately find new acquaintances, you can practice and fly together, afterwards you might go out together.

Anyone interested in more of an organized yoga trip, should be on the lookout for yoga retreats and yoga vacations.

Yoga retreats in Andalusia

In the hinterland of Malaga there are several places for yoga retreats. Many Yoga schools rent here in the summer for a week or two, and bring their own teachers. The best way is to ask in the yoga schools around you, who is planning a trip to Andalusia. I for example offer customized yoga holidays at my homestay for maximum 4 people.

Yoga holidays

Yoga places I can recommend to you are:

Advice for vegans in Malaga

Although most yogis are now vegan, many are still vegetarian too. Malaga has also recognized the trend and always offers increasingly more vegetarian or vegan options in restaurants. I would like to recommend my three highlights to go to, there’s something for everyone.

1. El Cañadú in the historic center

In Malaga’s City I love going to El Canadu right on the popular Plaza Merced. The restaurant is a 100% vegetarian Institution in Malaga and now serves more and more vegan dishes also. The kitchen is Spanish and international, can order by dish or a set menu.

2. Panaceco in Limonar

On the Paseo Sancha 47, direction east of Malaga, there is the first purely ecological restaurant with a small fruit and vegetable shop. The building and the design of Panaceo are very appealing and the owners care lovingly about the welfare of the guests. The food is rich in variation, everything for vegans is marked, and even the meat eaters will be happy here.

3. Terral Burger in El Palo

I am particularly happy about Terral Burger on the beach of El Palo, the fishermen´s neighbourhood of Malaga. The traditional fish restaurants usually offer only Berenjenas fritas y Patatas as a vegan option, ie fried eggplant and fries. Terral Burger, however, is as the name suggests, a burger restaurant but comes with four vegan dishes on the menue: soy burgers, soy burrito, soy hot dog and a seitan sandwich. Delicious Luxury Fastfood presented nicely on the plate. Those who prefer something healthier can also have a salad of their own choice. The best thing about this restaurant is the unobstructed view of the water.

Your yoga holiday on the Costa del Sol

Now you have a lot of tips on how you can integrate your yoga practice while on vacation. From complete packages on yoga retreats, yoga holidays, to open Yoga classes, Acroyoga- or Kirtan-Together in and around Malaga.

Yoga under the Andalusian sun

Mike Lippoldt

Über den Autor: Mike Lippoldt lebt seit vielen Jahren in Andalusien und hat hier seine Wurzeln geschlagen. Über individuelle Touren zeigt er dir die versteckten Ecken von Málaga und offenbart dir andalusische Geheimnisse, die kein anderer Reiseführer zeigen (kann).

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